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Custom Illustration

$ 150.00

Sassiness Level


Custom hand-drawn, marker and pen, fashion-inspired illustration. 


1-3 person illustrations come on 9x12 heavyweight paper.  4-6 person illustrations are drawn on 11x14 and illustrations with more than 6 people are either drawn on custom sized paper or 14x17.  Upgrading your paper size is always an option!

You don't need the "Perfect Family Photo!"  I can create your illustration from a single photo or make it a composite from several photos. Here's how it works:

1) REFERENCE PHOTOS- Send in full length photos of everyone to be included in the illustration (including pets). This can be a collaboration of photos if you don't have one photo with everyone in it. I use these reference photos to reference heights, skin tones, hair color and/or pet markings. It can be a simple camera phone shot but please make sure it does not have a filter applied to it.

2) OUTFITS - Show me what you want to wear in the illustration! I can draw people wearing anything so feel free to send me Pinterest photos or other clothing references. It's a great time get playful because you will look great in anything! ;-) Otherwise, I'll draw the clothing as shown in your reference photo.

3) HAIR - If you'd like your hair different than your reference photo, please show me what you'd like via photo/screenshot/Pinterest idea.

4) SASSINESS LEVEL - On a 1-3 scale, where 1 is not sassy at all (think American Gothic) and 3 is full of sass and girly attitude (think Vogue advertisement), how would you like the posing drawn?

5) PROOF - Finally, would you like a sketched proof before the image is colored or would you like for me to sketch, color and ship all in one sweep? Requesting a proof incurs a delay in the product and is an additional fee.

*Posing from the original photograph may differ in order to give the illustration a more editorial and fashion inspired feel. Please let me know if you do not wish for me to alter the poses in the final illustration.

*TURNAROUND TIME - Custom order turnaround time is 4-5 weeks January-September and 5-6 weeks from October through December.

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